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Friday, June 1, 2012

a little bit amusing II

Now it's Foofie's turn to provide amusement :)

Buddy was in the car talking about a lawn business he wants to start {he was inspired by Brian the bobcat driver} ... and he was saying that he hopes he will still be in operation far in the future ... when he is twenty ...

"Who are you going to marry anyway???"  Foofie asked him ... thinking of Buddy's future ...

Buddy didn't answer -- probably because thinking about a business is far more exciting than pondering marriage.

"Well ... THIS is how I'm going to marry."  Foofie informed him.  "I'm going to ask someone to make this to happen ... I'm going to be in a square ... and I'm going to stand with a wedding dress on and a whole group of men will be in a circle around me ... and all the men are going to wear wedding clothes.  And then I'm going to pick the man who I want.  And then I marry him."

Laughter filled our vehicle ... 

"What's so funny?  I'm not funny.  Then how are you supposed to marry???" responded Foofie.  {I actually got all of this on video ... but it's more like audio as all you can see is my dashboard ... and the voices are too quiet to bother posting here.}

Then I seized the opportunity to explain "how {Lord willing} you are supposed to marry" :)


Foofie refers to her mouth as a hotel.  So ... if she is no longer too keen on eating a food that she previously liked ... she says, "Those taste buds left my hotel."


One afternoon recently, Foofie was telling me to close the garage.  "We've got to close the garage to keep the bandits away.  Bandits like to go into garages ... and you never know when a bandit is going to be out.  Remember when a bandit went into Grandma and Grandpa's garage and stole stuff???"

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