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Friday, June 29, 2012

a little forward-thinker and list-maker

We went to a grad party on June 3rd. Two days later, forward-thinking Foofie asked ...

"So what happens next? Is Jordan gonna get married?"
"So what's he going to do now?"
"Well ... after graduation, people usually go to college or start a job or continue working ..."
"I think he should get a job at Dairy Queen," she said. (FYI, I worked at DQ in high school, so this wasn't completely out of thin air.)
"He's actually planning to go to college ... in Illinois."
"He's not going to live with his parents anymore???"
"Not while he's in college ..."
"Hmmm ... interesting."

Also ... here are some of her lists I recently stumbled upon :)

Apparently she wanted a minutes to seconds conversion chart :)
She likes men and women ... but she loves girls and boys :) She liked dogs ... but then it looks like she changed her mind :) And I'm wondering what "fulf" is ...
This is a list she made at Costco ...
P.S. Foof recently told me I'm tall for my age :)

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MUM said...

Foofy is a great list maker! Nice to see that she loves grandma and grandpa and doesn't just "like" us!Such neat writing, too!