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Thursday, May 31, 2012

a little bit amusing

A few recent funnies from Little Happy ... who often bikes with a Bible and a favorite bag :)

He frequently asks, "What time is it?" He learned this from me ... as I don't wear a watch ... and, more often than not, I'm phone-less ... so I often ask Jeff what time it is. This might be stating the obvious ... but he really doesn't need to know what time it is. Furthermore ... we're not the most scheduled folks ... we have more of a general rhythm to our days ... and not a set lunchtime, bedtime, etc.

Last night when he asked and I said it was eight o'clock ... he said,
"Oh, I fought (thought) it was twenty-firty (thirty)."

And what's really funny -- to us anyway -- is that when Jeff tells me what time it is ... I sometimes repeat the time back to him in a shocked voice :) For example, I'll ask what time it is ... and Jeff will say seven-thirty ... and I'll respond, "SEVEN-THIRTY???" So ... another time when Little Happy was inquiring about the time ... he did this too :) We cracked up :)


He discovered he has a gap in between his front teeth ... so he's been telling me ... "I fink (think) I lost a toof (tooth)."


I was cuddling Little Blondie ... and he said, "It's good to be here!"
"Why are you so happy?" I questioned.
"Dinosaurs," he answered.
Then he began singing a made-up song ... Dinosaurs Make Me Happy :)

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