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Sunday, June 5, 2011

a little boy/flowers/birds/girls

Lately, I've been taking lots of pictures of Little Blondie. Sometimes it's rather bittersweet watching your babies grow up, you know??? I can't believe he's already TWO and I simply love this stage of the delightful twos ... and I just want to record every smile, every laugh, every word. But of course I can't. Nonetheless, I've been making up for months of very low picture-taking ... and now you know :)

Foofie decided to wear a winter scarf for her first time ever -- and it was the first of June :)
Two of "our" cardinals hatched early on June 1.
Little Blondie checking out Grandma's flowers ...
and statues.
This shot is a tad blurry ... but it makes me laugh :)
Deep in thought???
My mother's ornamental strawberries ... I love this shade of pink ... but I think I prefer eating my strawberries over gazing at them ;)
And her "prized swedish lupine" :)
And then -- the following day -- there were three! Tonight, however, we discovered that the nest had been raided. It was disheveled and empty ... and one bird was found lying dead on the ground below. It's kind-of sad because birds are so neat ... but kind-of not so much I suppose ... because it's part of His sovereign plan and animals aren't made in His image and not one sparrow falls to the ground without His knowing.
Oh, I almost forgot. Earlier in the week two birds kept going in and out of our garage. Barn swallows. They were starting to build a nest on top of a short carpet roll we had on a high shelf in our garage. We moved the carpet roll outside ... and they have moved on :)


shana said...

I really appreciate your perspective on the birds . . . so very true. Thanks! Have a great week!
(and OH. MY. GOODNESS. but your sweet baby boy looks just like his daddy!)

LBB said...

Great photos! That is still rather sad about the baby birds though. And I do think Foofie is going to be such a fashionista! ;)

Mark and Jill said...

Dana - I am so excited to be able to see you and your family again - and soon. I cannot believe how much your kids have grown!!!! And, Little Blondie is such a cutie! I can see why you are enjoying every little move or sound he makes. It's a time to cherish for sure. See you soon! Jill