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Saturday, May 28, 2011

a little boy's birthday

Last weekend, we celebrated Little Cowboy's birthday "up north". The boat wasn't in the water just yet ... but the kids went tubing anyway :) They paddled themselves out into the lake ... and then pulled themselves back with the rope. The entire process was high excitement for these three!
Little Dude wanted to get in on the action too. "Buckle coat," he told me ... he didn't know it was called a life jacket ... but he knew that it was a coat with buckles. "Buckle coat. Put on." "Oh, you want me to put the buckle coat on you?" I asked. "Jah," he answered. I must admit that I find almost every word he utters to be adorable -- but alas, I am his mother :) Then, once we got the buckle coat fastened on Little Dude ... he said, "Go in lake." "You want to go in the lake?" I asked in disbelief. "Jah."

So ... we went down to the lake :) Look at his delight! I just love his little clasped hands ...

still clasping ... and taking it all in :)
Then Daddy asked Little Clasper if he wanted to go on the raft too ... "jah" he did. He was okay and calm for a few seconds ... and then he wasn't. If you click on this image and enlarge it ... you will see that he's crying to get off this contraption and back to the bliss of being on the dock ...
Here's the cake picture -- without the cake :) He was uncertain about being sung to and kept looking down and fiddling with his fingers. He was not uncertain about the cake though. After devouring his piece, he requested "more that". (I'm temporarily adding a birthday song video to the end of this post ...)
The kids were playing with some random balloons because ... kids like balloons???
Little Honey ended his birthday rocking and cuddling with Mommy :)

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gianna said...

too cute! Ezra is adorable! Happy Birthday!