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Friday, June 17, 2011

a little chirping

Okay. Just so you have the whole story ... the pet warbler experience was very short lived.

The following day, Goldie hung out on the rock ledge in our front yard for hours ... just sitting and tweeting in the sunshine ... and the kids were guessing it was going to stick around. But alas ... some other birds came along ... and they all chirped together ... and then Goldie decided to join them. So that's good. I'm hoping we can be done with pet birds now -- for this summer at least!


Dana said...

yeah my brother and my sister caught a pet warbler at a pond on a road
that mom walks on to do her walks.
then my sister sat the warbler down
on a brick wall then the warbler hops
down off the brick wall. then my sister walks over to the brick wall
and said oh no the warbler is gone
than we start looking for the
warbler. then i start looking for
the warbler and my little brother
starts looking for the warbler


Dana said...

that is funny

Dana said...

i like that was a good story