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Saturday, June 11, 2011

a little veggie garden

Last week was garden week. We had been talking for the few weeks prior -- or rather I had been talking -- about attempting a vegetable garden again. We've had many garden woes in the past ... last year, I think the issue was lack of sun. Husband, however, said he didn't have any time to help with a garden ... I'm in the middle of fixing up two houses and two apartments right now and I'm behind on paperwork and ... and ... the garage is a mess and ... and ... a million other things ...

Then, we were at Menards to get some stuff Husband needed ... and while he was doing that ... I made my way to the gardening area and started perusing the seeds. I love looking at seeds! They are like little magic pellets! It never ceases to amaze me that one can put a tiny seed in the dirt -- along with water and sunshine -- and a plant will grow! What a Creator! When Husband came over to collect us, I had my hands full of seed packets ... "Wouldn't it be great to be picking squash in September??? And look here, these beans are ready to harvest in only 48 days! I think we still have time to plant. Don't you just look at these envelopes and think ... WHAT PROMISE LIES WITHIN?!?!?"

Husband agreed to help build a garden ... and that made everyone happy :)
On Memorial Day we only had enough time to do a bit of planning ... and then Husband worked on it nearly every evening that week ... and Saturday too. It involved a trip to Menards for boards and gypsum pellets, two rototillers, three visits to a dirt place {loading and unloading a trailer of dirt each time}, and lots of sweat. On Friday, he nearly gave up ... frustrated by the heavy, muddy clay. But he persevered and finished up on Sunday afternoon ... and we were able to plant Sunday evening. Needless to say ... it turned it to be fairly expensive it terms of time and money ... so we're really really hoping it is successful!

It's not quite finished though ... we still need a fence!


LBB said...

It is fun to watch things grow from seed. That looks & sounds like it will be quite the veggie garden! Especially with all the work you put into it with extra dirt and everything, I'm sure it will do great! Good luck! Cute kid photos too! :)

MUM said...

WOW! What a surprise! I was with you today and I never heard about your wonderful garden! I am so happy! Way to go! But, don't drag your feet about getting that fence!
The garden looks great! Good job husband!