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Thursday, July 1, 2010

a little Foofese

A few recent Foofie~isms ...

"I want my nails painted," requested Foofie.
"Well, first they need to be clipped. They're long." I answered.
"I know. They're beaming high ... with ... glee," she agreed.
{I painted her nails ... orange.}
"Oooh ... they are gleaming with glitter and gold."

"I'm done with samwiches {aka sandwiches} for seven weeks."
"Well ... what are you hoping to eat?" I asked.

After returning, a bit sweaty, from a bike ride ...
"My hair is gleaming wet."

Trying on some underwear ... "These are gulping big!"

After finding a penny on the ground ... "I found a little snick of money!"

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