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Sunday, July 4, 2010

a little sparkler

You might remember from my previous two Independence Day posts ... that the 4th of July is also Foofie's birthday. So ... ever since she's been around, the holiday has been kind-of a combo deal ... birthday party and Independence celebration.

Our little sparkler, aka Foofie ... and sometimes Foofie Sparkle, is FIVE! I can't believe it! The following is what I did five years ago today. I thought I should get it written down {for posterity, you know} before I forget anything. Here goes ...

I can't remember the morning too well ... I probably puttered around a bit. That afternoon, I squeezed in a workout ~ 2 miles of walking and 2 miles of running. Then, I probably showered. Next, I drove my in-laws to the airport ... I had contractions the entire drive, but then they tapered off. Around suppertime, Buddy and I went to a picnic at my parents' place ... hung out at church a bit {for years, but not THIS year, the city fireworks have been near our church and so our church would have some festivities going on as well} ... and finally, watched the fireworks. I was having some contractions during the fireworks ... but I had been having them for weeks ... maybe an hour or two each day. I'm not sure why ... but after the "grand finale", I told Buddy we were going to RUN for our car so we wouldn't get stuck in the traffic jam exiting the parking lot ... just in case we needed to get to the hospital. So ... we ran.

Once in the car, I called Hubby {he and Halo had stayed home} and said, "I kinda feel like I might have the baby tonight. Maybe I should go to the hospital." "No, you won't. It's still ten days early. Just come home." Obedient wife ;) that I am ... I drove home. En route, I called the nurse hotline to get a second opinion. Those nurses, it seems, always have to call you back. So ... by the time I got called back and they advised me to go to the hospital since I have fast labors ... I was nearly home. So, I continued on home to drop off Buddy.

I told Hubby they wanted me to go in and he said, "Well, Halo's sleeping. But you should be able to drive yourself." "Okay," I agreed, "The cell phone is almost dead though." Next, I went downstairs for my pillow and I don't remember what else ... "Wow, look at me!" I exclaimed, "I'm even going to bring stuff to the hospital!" {I'd never brought anything to the hospital for the previous two births. Husband had brought whatever was needed later.} My "packing", however, was very short lived because I promptly fell over and screeched, "It's time! YOU have to take me! Buddy get back in the car!"

Daddy wrapped Halo in a blanket and plopped her in the car ... and we were off. Getting to the hospital was slow and agonizing because there was so much traffic from various fireworks displays ... lights were out ... and the police were directing traffic at some intersections. I kept banging my fist against my car door ... and Buddy was copying me in the backseat ... he said he was helping me. When we arrived at the hospital, I had a little wait for the midwife to show up. Then, three pushes later, at 11:53 p.m., our little Foofie miracle was born ... with only seven minutes to spare :)

Here is how we celebrated this year ... we had a lot of fun!!!

My parents new neighbors gave the kids a ride in this little train of sorts ...

Lining up to get their sparklers lit ...
Sparkling ...

Ooohing Uncle's fireworks show :) Who was messing with Baby's hair???
Oh ... and Mom's green dish ... whatever she puts in here is sure to be yummy :) This would be her potato salad. I'll have to get the recipe from her and add it here. Generally I'm not a big potato salad eater ... but hers is delicious ... so much so that it's pretty much the only potato salad I'll eat. ♥ Thanks Mom ♥


LBB said...

Looks like a fun time! Happy (belated) birthday to Foofie~wish we could've been there! I clearly remember that 4th of July five years ago, but didn't know all those details!
And yes, Mum's green dish always is certain to have something special and tasty in it! :)

MUM said...

Foofie's birthday is always such a fun time. I think she is blessed to have been born on the Fourth of July. Her birthday celebration is a party with fireworks! Thanks for the nice comments about my potato salad,...I will surely share the recipe!