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Monday, May 25, 2009

a little MIRACLE ~ actually a big one!!!

Well ... it wasn't twins ... just a pretty large baby! Our sweet baby boy came into this world at 4:37 on Thursday morning! He weighed 9 pounds & 10 ounces ... and had a whopping 15 inch head (my doc said she'd never seen a 15 incher ... and she's delivered over 500 babies) ... so it was a very good thing that he arrived ten days early.

It never ceases to fascinate me that one moment this little person is inside of me and then, just moments later ... this same little person ... is out! Isn't it amazing how the LORD knits little babies together inside of their mothers? It seems more amazing to me with each child that we have!

We are all so excited to finally see him and hold him and kiss him! Halo is such a good helper and can't get enough of the little guy. Buddy is so thrilled to have a brother. And Foofie is pleased that our family is even and balanced now ~ three girls and three boys.

He doesn't officially have a name yet ... we're narrowing it down though. My husband joked that he's the Haagen~Daz baby as that was a key component of my pregnancy diet. At the moment ...
he is happily going by "Little Buddy" or "Cutie" :)


LBB said...

Ohhh was a sweetie! Can't wait to meet our new "little buddy"! Very soon! :)

Suzanne said...

Congratulations! Just got back into town last night, so what a wonderful surprise. He's beautiful!