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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a little commentary

Recent comments from my family ~

"When you bend your leg and I see your veins ... it looks like your leg is going to die!"
(Foofie ~ by the way, she remembers to pray for my veins daily.)

"Your bellybutton is all blown out!" (Buddy)

"I can't remember what you were like without a big belly."
(Halo ~ and I can hardly remember it either.)

"Look at the plump mamma robin!" (Halo) "Just like your mamma!" (Daddy)


Suzanne said...

Oh that is so funny. Hang in there! You'll be as slim as ever in just a few weeks!

LBB said...

What a funny little family you have...at least they keep you laughing! Just think, pretty soon you'll have one more making their own little comments on everything.