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Monday, February 1, 2016

G-isims :)

Some little "Gunnar-isms" from the past few months.

The other day, Jensen said, "I'm watching you!" and G replies with, "Don't look at my face!!!"

"no-balls" or "no-fort" for "snow balls" or "snow fort" ... no = snow :)

SUPER everything ... "SUPER sick, SUPER dangerous, SUPER mad"

He loves anything lawn related or machinery.

Wants to go hunting with Hayley and Jensen in South Dakota and keeps asking if he can go!

Pretends he's a dog a lot ... he'll attempt to eat food like a dog, crawl like a dog, bark like a dog, drink water/milk like a dog etc.

If someone does something he doesn't like he'll say, "I'm sooooo mad at you!" or "I'm SUPER mad at you!"

Enjoys singing songs by tobyMac, I Am They, & Rend Collective (post video later!).

While setting the table for dinner, G watched H set the table. She didn't put a cup by his plate cause she was going to get a plastic/paper cup. He looks at her and says: I NEED a glass cup. She replies: Oh, really? Alright, I guess. She brings a mug over to the table and G eyes it suspiciously. "Is that a GLASS cup?" he asks in a huffy voice. She responded, "Yes." He says, "Okay. FANK YOU." (somewhat angrily)

I told G his legs were so fast and strong and he replies, no they're teeny :)

Whenever he wants candy/gum he tells us, "I'm SUPER sick!!!"

When asked what he's doing, he says, "I'm doing stuffin" or "I'm getting stuffin."

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