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Sunday, February 14, 2016

a little camping/camper

We bought a pull behind camper-trailer last spring and took it up north this summer. We went up past Ely to Lake One and enjoyed two five-day trips!

the semi-dangerous stairs leading from our campsite down to the lake

 Telling stories by the fire

Mr Camo ;)

SuperDad to the rescue ... of a burning hotdog!

almost tumbling off the dock and kayaking

Admiring Buddy's fish on a stringer in the lake

Foof is quite the kayak-er!

"Oooh! Buddy caught a bass!"
"It's slimy!"

Halo caught a northern ... which was too small to keep :(

untangling her fishing line

photoshoot time!!

Lil' Ezzie

weeds/muck do not taste good :)

mesmerized by the fire

our little camper home!

so that's the gist of our camping trips: fishing, fires, and fun!!

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