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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

a little rabbit

Buddy got his turkey license a couple weeks ago.  His first ever hunting license ... his first license of any sort ... and he's been hoping and trying to nab a turkey ... but we haven't seen any toms around (must be a tom in the spring) since he became an official bow hunter.

Today ... Buddy was out in the yard ... practicing ... waiting for a turkey ... when he spotted a bunny.  He aimed and hit his mark.  "I killed a bunny!"  He called jubilantly.  I quickly told him it would be more appropriate to call it a rabbit now.

He was thrilled.  He called some friends to share the news.  I was not so terribly excited.

Shortly thereafter ... my husband (to my surprise!) watched some youtube videos on how to skin/gut/whatever a rabbit ... and then they did the messy deed.  I thought they would just bury the poor creature.

This really isn't my thing.  Bloody patio tables???  No thanks.  In fact, I prefer to bring my chicken home from the store already cooked :) Kowalski's has the best rotisserie chickens by the way ... they're even amish  ;)

Then ... my husband requested a container to store the rabbit in the fridge so we can eat it tomorrow.  I think it was at this point that my husband enlightened all of us about the value and specialness of rabbit cuisine and also suggested that maybe we should start raising rabbits ...

Totally not liking this.  I didn't want to look at the rabbit and I didn't want to think about eating it.  All of this was making me lose my appetite for tonight's supper ...

Anyway ... the rabbit eventually made its way into our fridge ... but only into our little fridge in the garage ... and my husband suggested I cook some rabbit stew in the crockpot tomorrow night ... or have rabbit and rice???  But I really didn't even want it in the house ... in the kitchen.  I'm a wimp.  So ... I suggested he could cook IT over a fire ... or wrap IT in foil in a fire ... like one of those camping "hobo meals".  Anything involving a backyard fire instead of the kitchen would be wonderful.

And I just might be eating something other than rabbit tomorrow night :)


LBB said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe they actually skinned and kept the rabbit!!! Disgusting! Thinking we'll need an update here on how the rest of it turned out...ie: how'd they cook it/did they eat it/did you try it??? ;)

Dana said...

I knew you'd feel the same way -- if not stronger :) I think the plan is to make it Friday. So I'll get back to you on this :)