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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

a little measuring and a dove

This morning Ezzie asked me if anyone had ever measured around the whole earth ...
"Did they use 50 tape measures all lined up?"
"No.  It would take more than 50 tape measures to measure the earth."
"Did they use 79?"
"No.  I don't know exactly how it was measured ... but if it had been done with tape measures ... it would take even more than 79.  The earth is pretty big."
"Maybe it took 82 tape measures."

And this one is from last week ...
It was storming when we woke up and the morning was really dark and rainy.  Later in the morning ... closer to noontime ... it started to clear up and Ezzie spotted a dove as he was looking out the window.  Then Ezzie (or maybe I should call him Noah???) announced, "I see a dove so we can go outside now!"

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