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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

a little rabbit stew

What was for supper on Friday night???  Rabbit stew ... and leftover chili :)

How did we cook the rabbit???  Mr. T. plopped the bunny in the crockpot which I had first rubbed with olive oil.  Then, I asked Halo if she wanted to photograph the before picture or if she wanted to salt and pepper the meat.  She said she didn't want to look at it so she wasn't going to be able to take any pictures.  So ... she salted and peppered from a backwards position -- and hoped it was landing on the meat -- while I took some photos.  After a few hours some potatoes and onions were tossed in the pot ... carrots would have been nice too, but we didn't have any.

Mr. T. was the first one to sample the entree and his first three words were ... "Wow.  Wow.  Wow."  Buddy quickly tasted some too and seemed to like it.  Foofie, not wanting to miss out, requested some rabbit and promptly raved about it.  "It's so good.  I want some more, please!  It's GOOD!"  These three ate all of it except for two bites -- Halo and I each tried a little.  There wasn't enough rabbit stew to fill our whole family anyway ...  and Halo and Ezzie and I were perfectly content eating chili with cheese and chips.  I thought the rabbit was pretty good ... better than I expected actually ... but I've never really liked game meat all that much.  Mr. T. and Buddy, however, concluded it was equivalent to really good {dark meat} chicken ... and they would happily eat rabbit again :)  


Karen Thompson said...

So I'm curious, where did you get the rabbit for your rabbit stew?

We have a few pesky rabbits in our backyard, and even though I'd like to see them go, I'd have a hard time with it being in my crock pot ;-)

Dana said...

Hi Karen :) Haven't check the blog since sometime in June! But there is an earlier post about nabbing the rabbit if you scroll down ...