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Thursday, March 14, 2013

a little more from ezzie

From March ...

Talking to my tummy ... "Are you ready to come out and play cars with me, Baby???"

After reading about Adam and Eve ... "I fink God doesn't want us to eat off trees."

"Are mooses poisonous?"

I had a large box in the van on one of the middle seats and I was trying to help Ezzie get out.  "It's kind-of tight ... but ... can you squeeze through here?" I asked.  "Yes, I can squeeze.  I'm a squeezer!" he answered confidently.

From February

"I don't like to read."
"Yes, you do," I said.
"I actually like to talk."

Usually, Ezzie falls asleep in seconds and he wasn't asleep yet because he'd had a late (and fairly long) nap ... so I went upstairs to check on him.  "I'm okay up here all by myself ... but I can't keep my eyes closed."

"There is such a nice baby in your tummy." Then he kissed my tummy.  "I'm going to hold it like this (demonstrates with both arms straight out and his hands palms up) so I don't drop it.  And after it comes out ... we're going to have another baby and another baby and another baby ... THREE more babies, I fink."

I helped Ezzie get out of the van and we were in a good inch or so of snow ... and he said, "Let me make a path for you, Mama."

Foofie and Ezzie were hunting bears. After a successful hunt ... Foofie said ... "You play with our babies while I skin the bear." Ezzie picked up a doll and immediately he made the doll cry ... "Waaah! Waaah! She wants YOU, Foof ... I'LL skin the bear!"
Ezzie sniffed the air ... "It smells like a rotten banana dipped in chocolate chips ... it's kinda gross."  He sniffed again.  "Actually ... it smells like a good banana dipped in chocolate chips ... and it's not really gross."

"You sure make me laugh," I told Ezzie.
"I do make you laugh.  And I make Daddy laugh.  And I make myself laugh," he replied.  Then he erupted in laughter :)

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LBB said...

Funny little boy! What a cutie!