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Sunday, March 10, 2013

a little more

Alrighty ... well here's a couple of the pix of me.  These shots probably aren't what you were expecting ... Jeff has an older iphone that doesn't take the greatest pictures (plus he was pretty far away from me).  One can hardly tell who this is.  Nonetheless, here I am digging up the second croc I lost.
And now I'm running with it.  (I lost the first shoe almost right away ... closer to our house.)  If you look several yards behind me, you can kind-of make out the end of my tracks which shows how close I actually got to the owl ...


Nikki said...

(Snicker) So are you barefeet or socks...since the crocs fell off and all?

Dana said...

I might as well have been barefoot as I had on some very THIN running socks (I was going to workout) ... the kind that don't go above your shoe ... can't think of what they're called ... low??? ankle??? no-show??? Anyway ... I don't think they provided any warmth/comfort ... thick wool socks would be better if I ever try this again :)