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Friday, September 6, 2013

spring & summer ezzisms

Catching up -- just a little though :)

Ezzie is still at that delightful age where he says something funny most every day ... sometimes every hour ... but I forget most of his funnies.  The following, however, is some ezzisms from the past four or five months that I remembered to write down ... by the way, presently "G" refers to our new baby :)

Ezzie was cuddling by me in bed.  He put his arm around me and said, "I will keep you safe, Mommy."
"Safe from what?" I asked.
"From falling off the bed!" 

"I lost somepin (something) and then I found it ... and then I lost it again and then I found it again!"  Ezzie told me.
"What was it?"  I asked.
"Somepin ... I don't remember.

I was about to drop Halo off at the library to quick return some books and Ezzie said to her, "I want to come wif you so I can SEE what's takin' you so long!"

"When I woke up I fought (thought) Buddy was sleeping in his bed but he wasn't.  He was down eating breakfast.  But I didn't cry.  And I didn't yell.  I didn't do nuffin ... I just kept sleeping."

E had some new "carpenter" jeans on ... "There's lots of holsters on my jeans."

G had a baby "gown" on ... "The baby looks like a princess and his toes are like tic-tacs."

Buddy smashed a wood tick on the sidewalk ... "It's a good thing it wasn't me.  I'm sure glad I'M not a wood tick."

Gives Baby G lots of kisses and often runs over to his side singing Jesus Loves Me when he fusses.

Is SO thankful for things that many would overlook ... and usually is the one that reminds the olders to be thankful ... A few examples ... "Thank you for taking us to costco."  "Thank you for taking us to sport." (sports co-op)  "Thank you for taking us to the 4th of July."

Looking at G ... "Does he have his hair styled?"  Ezzie asked me.   
I laughed.  "By who?"  
"You!"  I laughed again.  
"No.  He doesn't have too much hair.  He just wakes up looking this way."

Ezzie had to take a short ride with Daddy and his car seat was with me ... "I sneaked home in Daddy's truck without my car seat ... just buckled in like a big boy.  And the police didn't even catch us!  If they did ... they would handcuff Daddy and me!  And they would say ... (and here he deepened his voice and made it a little gruff-sounding) ... "WHOOO buckled him in?"

When G's "cord" fell off and his bellybutton was finally laid bare ... Ezzie said, "That's NOT a bellybutton!"

Ezzie came with me to a doctor appt and after gettting my blood drawn ... "You're BIG, Mommy!  You didn't cry!!!"  Several days later ... I was bringing him to a second appt for me and he said he didn't want to go me this time because, "It's too doctor-y."

"Come here, Ezzie, can I see you for a minute?"  I called.
"Yep, you can see me for two minutes or three minutes."  

Foofie was telling us (me and Ezzie) that Grandma had called me her little girl and she was laughing over this.  So I said, "Well ... you will always be my little girl and Ezzie ... you will always be my little boy." 
"No ... I'm gonna grow up."

He had gotten in the van and had a cup ... "Can I put my cup (in the cupholder) by the captain's chair?"

I was giving Ezzie a haircut (outside) and he wasn't too pleased about it.  Trying to distract him, I said, "Do you hear the birds?  Hear all the pretty songs they are singing?"
"Yes ... they are saying WHY are you cutting Ezzie's hair?"

How he has been saying goodnight every night for the past few months ... "See you in the morning for lots of times.  See you in the morning for a long time.  See you in the morning!"

Ezra, after being four years old for a whole 81 days, confided to his sisters, "I'm not going to tell anyone ... but being four feels about the same as being three."

We were talking about the co-op we go to starting up and how he will be in kindergarten and will have to listen when the teacher is talking and so on ... and I concluded with, "I'm sure you will be a very little nice good student."  (I think I meant to say very good ... nice little ... but I switched it around some.)
"Yes, and I will be a very little nice good boy too!"

"Mommy, if YOU eat and eat and eat and eat and eat ... and eat and eat and eat ... you will get another baby in your tummy."

When offered a banana for a snack ... "I don't like snacks.  I only like suppers."

After inspecting a large, partially-healed scrape on his arm ... "I've got cinnamon crunch on my arm."  Panera Bagels anyone???

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