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Friday, September 14, 2012

a little pear (& apple) picking :) ~by Halo~

Hi all :) Today we went on a rather spontaneous field trip.  We visited a family who used to attend our church.  They moved up north to a small farm.  It was a lot of fun -- we even got to pick some pears and apples :) They have 11 chickens, 3 horses (Mia, Chad, Elmer), 1 Shetland pony (Princess, she is not pictured), 3 barn cats (Pierre, Rex, Emmy (Emmy is not pictured), and 1 golden retriever (Maggie).

The pear trees...
Me picking some juicy pears :)
Foofie in the pear tree :)
Buddy in the apple tree :)

Me and Pierre the tabby :)
Buddy and the cat Rex...

Foofie and Rex :)
I especially love this picture...Buddy and their horse Chad :)
Foof feeding apples to Mia and Elmer  :)
Me, Foof n' Chad  :)
Little Man with Elmer coming to visit  :)  "Hi horsey," he said :)
Lil' Buddy and their little boy Jo-Jo  ... who doesn't love trucks?!?!?


MUM said...

I know that you had a beautiful day, weather-wise to go to visit your friends farm. What fun! I bet you all had a great time getting up close to the horses and holding the cats. Then getting to pick apples and pears,...doesn't get much better than that!

LBB said...

Wow looks like fun! Great photos too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunt L and Gma :) It was SUPER fun :)

PS: Gma, you are right :) it doesn't get better than that ;)