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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a little fallish

Thanks again to Halo ... I have another post :) One afternoon recently, she had fun taking some fall pix of Littlest Brother ...  He is holding up his zipper pull because there is a compass on it -- and he thinks it is pretty exciting :)

Then Foof joined in the fun too :)


LBB said...

Wow~those photos are so great, Halo! So so adorable! Adorable "subject" too. :) Great action shot of Foof too! Look like a professional photographer's pictures!

MUM said...

You're photos are great! You have really got a good eye and you have captured your little brother's sweetness! Love, G-ma

Anonymous said...

Thx for the encouragment G-ma & Aunt L : )

I do love to take some "professional looking" pix : )