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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a little album: Cabin 2012 part IV

You probably didn't notice -- but in case you did -- I'm skipping over Cabin III as I don't think we took many or any pictures that time. If I find some at a later date ... I'll probably let you know :) Although ... it would probably be mostly pictures of kids with frogs as Cabin III was a froggy affair. The kids caught somewhere around twenty frogs ... oh ... and a pollywog too ...

*** I had a funny video of Ezzie singing along to Frogs, Frogs, Frogs to add here ... but can't locate it :/ So ... posting this as is for now. Maybe I'll try to replicate it sometime ... although the best setting for this song seems to be at night ... in the van. ***

And yes ... we have been very cabin-y thus far this summer :) I think this is a record summer of cabining for us! Enjoying it while we can, you know :)

Cabin IV included lots of fun with cousins ...

G & G had a photographer come out and take a few shots ...
So I took some too :)
We spotted a fawn :)
Halo's big catch :)

And tubing was extra wild with Daddy on board :)

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