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Sunday, March 11, 2012

a little napless

Yesterday ... I tried to take a nap. Amazingly, I napped some during the first trimester of baby number four ... but other than that ... I'm really not a napper. My mom often encourages me to nap when I'm sick or experiencing a headache ... but I never do. I'm just not a napper. Like most mothers, when I'm under the weather I continue to do all of my mom tasks. Yesterday, however, my throat was raw ... and I just felt crummy ... so I announced that I was going to try to take a nap. "Should I video you to document it?" joked my husband because this was so unusual for me and he knows how I like to record things :)

When Little Dude saw me laying down and closing my eyes in the middle of the day he was not pleased.

"Mommy? Mommy? Hi Mommy!"
He touched my closed eyelids ... and tried to open them for me.
"Hi Mommy! Hi Mommy! Momm-eee???"

Then he climbed right on top of me ...
"Mommy, I'm hungry. I'm hungry, Mommy."

He patted my cheeks ...
"I some crackers, Mommy. I some crackers."

Then he got Foofie ... and while my eyes were closed and I was trying to fall asleep ... perhaps pretending to fall asleep ... they both complained of hunger as though they hadn't been fed in days.

They left me. And then ... a half minute later ... while I was thinking the nap probably wasn't going to happen and I should get up to use the restroom ... Little Hungry came back to me with a big grin and his hands full of animal crackers ... "Mommy, can I some crackers? Can I some crackers?"

"Um ... yeah .... I guess so." I answered.

"I asked you!" he said proudly just before shoving one into his mouth.

So much for napping.


LBB said...

hope you're feeling better today!

Dana said...

I was still feeling sick but was able to rest some yesterday cuz Foof threw up Saturday night (and Ezzie seemed sick too) ... so I stayed home from church with the youngest two ... sorry we didn't get to see y'all this time :)

Now that it's Monday ... I think we're all on the mend and ready to take on the week :)