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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a little epcot

The last stop on our Disney journey was the Epcot theme park. It has some rides ... but is probably more widely remembered for its architecture ... its replications of various countries from around the globe. Like this building ... Isn't this about the cutest little cottage-like domain you have ever laid eyes on???
Some of us are pausing by Nemo and company ...
Little Honey-Bun looking sweet ...
Oh, where is our stroller? Oh, where is our stroller? Oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where ... is our stroller???
As aforesaid ... Mickey is on everything ...
Then we happened upon Belle ... is that who this is???
Daddy, Buddy, and I just went on a space ride ... and then Daddy exited with barf bag in hand ... and pretended to actually need the barf bag. This family on the bench was laughing at Daddy ... and at me too, I think ... as I was trying to turn on the camera and catch up to him to get a picture ... as you can see, I was a bit slow ... because if I didn't explain all this you wouldn't know what this picture is about :)
Photo shoot with Mickey and Pluto ...
We had supper in Germany ;) This is Jeff's plate ... mine looked a bit different :) A bit less German ...
After supper, we went on a crazy Norwegian boat ride ... it was kind-of fun ... especially the part that went backwards ... but F.Y.I. the ride has a scary troll monster that some of my children did not enjoy :( Following the ride, however, they did enjoy donning some Norwegian gear ...
A Norwegian Foofie ...
Epcot has fireworks {with accompaniment} every night ... but this is the first time we stayed to see them.

Here's my rundown on the rides ...

Top 3:
Soarin {a simulated hang-gliding type experience}
The Land {interesting boat ride about advances in agriculture/gardening}
some ride about history {can't recall the name}

So-So 3:
Space Ride {reminder for myself to skip this next time}
Test Track {skip this one next time too}

And I believe this is the end our of Disney journey :)

Mom and Dad ... perhaps you will almost feel like you've been there now

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Nikki said...

Dave and I did Soarin at Disneyland. It is pretty fun:)