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Sunday, February 12, 2012

a little surprise party

A few weeks ago ... we had a surprise birthday party for Buddy :)

That afternoon ... Daddy was off running errands ... and then the plan was for me and the kids to meet him for pizza. One of Daddy's errands, however, was to stop by church -- which was where the boys were dropped off -- and load these boys into his truck. So ... when we met Daddy for supper ... we pulled up by his truck. Then, he got out and opened the back door as though he needed to get something out ... and the boys -- who had been crouching down hiding -- began jumping out :) Buddy was stunned! Once he heard a couple "surprises" and had made sense of everything ... he was ecstatic! Jeff got a cute video {with his phone, of course} of Buddy exclaiming and jumping up and down :)
All of the boys wanted to be on the same side of the table :)
After cupcakes, Daddy took these guys to Lookout Ridge, an indoor playground ... while Halo, Foofie, Little Dude, and I visited Great-Grandma and played with the Target drinking fountain {see previous two posts}.
Jeff said they ran around nearly non-stop for the whole two hours! Buddy had a blast! And the day and the time and the location turned out to be a blessing for Jeff ... as he providentially ran into an old -- but dear -- friend of ours at Lookout Ridge! They were thankful to have that unexpected opportunity to encourage one another :)

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LBB said...

happy (early) bday, buddy!
~Auntie L