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Thursday, February 16, 2012

a little Moe's

As aforesaid, we were heading down to Florida ... so after The Creation Museum in Kentucky ... we continued on our long journey south. We went through Tennessee ... we had to stop and see Dolly ... for whatever reason she is borrowing Jeff's scarf ...
Another one of our overnights was in Georgia ... and we were thrilled to find a Moe's to eat supper at :) Praise the Lord! We love burritos from Moe's! And ... it was kids night to boot ... so the littlest two ate free :) What a deal! Most of us have looked better at times ... but here we are ... happy to be at Moe's :) If you ever have a chance to eat at a Moe's ... take it!
And take a gander at Moe's new-fangled pop machine!!! It's computerized, customizable, and cool :) When I tapped on the Mello Yello ... there were four other options besides original Mello Yellow ... peach mello yello, cherry mello yello, orange mello yello, and one other. Anyway ... quite fun for pop/soda drinkers :) So ... I mixed half mello yello and half peach mello yello :)

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