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Thursday, August 11, 2011

a little fiftieth

We recently went to a fiftieth anniversary party for an aunt and uncle of mine. Here's my middle two with Great-Grandma. She is largely Swedish and this is her "big smile" :)
Here she is visiting with her son-in-law {who was having the anniversary} ... and daintily nibbling a cracker. So poised! She is quite forgetful these days ... and sometimes thinks I'm an old classmate or co-worker. It's interesting that she doesn't seem to gather that she is six decades older than me. She was impressed with the food and said, "A party like this??? And all of these kinds of food??? Is this some new thing or is this the usual???"
My Mom and some of her homemade raspberry tarts ... delicious!
Halo is almost as big as me now! She surpassed me in her shoe size this spring ... her hands are a bit larger than mine now too! Crazy! It doesn't seem so long ago that she was 8.75 pounds ...
My husband monitoring Little Blondie ... and asking Great-Grandma what it feels like to have a child who has been married for fifty years ... "Oh, I don't know," she answered with a little laugh.


shana said...


I loved your description of your grandma, so spot on! Kathy told me at Lynn's shower that recently your grandma said something about her car (which we now own) and Kathy said. "Mom, you haven't had that car for a couple years. You sold it to Shana & Kirby, Muriel's grandkids." She doesn't look a bit different though, then she did when I was a kid. She's a timeless lady, I guess. I was just thinking about my grandma the other day -- she had such a hard time those few years between when my grandpa died and she did. She just wasn't ever the same.
Anyway, onto the sharpies :: I got them at Staples. There is a limit of 2 two-packs, but 4 Sharpies for fifty cents is quite the bargain. Enjoy! This weeks sale only lasts until tomorrow, so maybe Staples would be a good place to go today.
Take care,

LBB said...

Fun to see a few party pics and hear some Grandma anecdotes since we missed it! Those tarts look so yummy! I can't get over how much Halo has grown into such a sweet, lovely girl! Having a new baby now, I'm often remembering things about when Halo was a baby for some reason...I guess since she was the first in our family? Like when she used to tighten her fists and look real strong...do you remember that? Anyways, cute photos! :)