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Thursday, May 20, 2010

a little robin

My kids discovered a nest a few weeks ago with eggs in it. They waited for the eggs to hatch and even began helping the busy mother by bringing worms to her babies. Then, one day, this day in fact, when the birds were nearly too large for the nest but not quite ready to fly ... Buddy was checking on them and accidentally bumped their foundation {a branch}. The three birds were ousted from their perch. Two were still pretty close to the nest and eventually got back in, but one landed on our lawn and ran right into the street. Halo and Buddy immediately rescued him {her?} from getting smooshed by a vehicle and then started playing with the birdie. Holding it, petting it, putting it in our birdbath, showing it to their baby brother, trying to feed it. Voila!

Isn't this cute???
Little Dude ... content just sitting in the rocks ... studying the rocks.When the fun was over, they returned "Chirps" to its happy home. All's well that ends well :)

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LBB said...

Those are great photos! So sweet! I hope the little birdie makes it after all that "loving"! :)