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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a little drawer

The title here is a bit misleading ... as the drawer you are about to see is not a little drawer. It is a LARGE drawer. It might be the biggest ... or at least the longest drawer you have ever seen. And actually ... it's not just one drawer ... but TWO! Yes ... two very large drawers!!! In fact, if I hadn't limited myself to titles beginning with a little something ... I would have titled this entry TWO BIG DRAWERS. Is anyone excited yet??? Maybe my Dad is ...

Anyway, this is one of Husband's ... er Schneider's ... no, Schneider just doesn't sound right ... most recent attempts at getting MORE organized in his truck. And I am blogging about this be-cause ... be-cause ... because I took pictures :) Oh ... and also because Husband was really excited about these drawers.

This is the "crazy carpenter in need of a haircut" pose ... but alas, his barber is yours truly ... and she is pretty busy!Don't you just love trees???
And yes, it seems that Buddy likes to wear our purple baby-carrying-backpack just for fun ... sans bebe, of course!


Taylor said...

I have cut my husband's hair before! It was not good.
-Lumberjack's Wife

LBB said...

Wow, what nice big (little) drawers! I love organization so that's pretty neat! I like trees too! :)