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Sunday, May 9, 2010

a little cupboard

You might recall a previous post about my picking up Foofie from Sunday School. Anyway ... a week ago ... that would be last Sunday ... here is where I found Foofie when I got to her classroom ... and a little girl was just in the process of closing the cupboard doors. I usually don't have my camera along ... but because it was "Childrens' Ministries Sunday", I had remembered to toss it in my tote bag.

I asked Foofie to explain what was going on here and she said, "When the doors were shut, I was actually reading that paper to him." {him being this sweet-looking, blonde, tattooed fellow}


gianna said...

I would believe her, too!

Dana said...

Oh, I do :)

MUM said...

Cute little boy and girl! Fit in a cupboard whilst you can!!!!