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Saturday, December 5, 2009

a little parable parody

None of you know this ... but I'm a budding songwriter ;) My secret's out! Actually, "budding" is pushing it ... because I never hope to bloom or sprout or the like. Some of my titles include ... A Peck and a Peck, Hungry Girl in the Backseat, Lullaby, I will sing to the LORD, That's My Name, and O~B~E~Y. The songs just sort-of happen ... they're not planned ... which might be obvious given the titles :)

Anyway, thirteen days ago ... it was Sunday and I was at church. During the sermon, the pastor said, "ninety-nine sheep came home" ... and a song immediately began to germinate in my head. By the way, the rest of the song was developed that afternoon and evening ... I did hear the remainder of the sermon ;) You see, about a month before, Jeff and I were listening to some old eighties songs on youtube. One of these flashback songs was Ninety-Nine Red Balloons by Nena ... and it had kind-of been stuck in my head ever since that night. So ... when Pastor King said ninety-nine sheep came home ~ which you'll notice has three syllables like red balloons ~ inspiration struck ;)

ninety-nine sheep went home
one got lost where did she go?
the shepherd searched all over town
a looking for that hundredth one

he searched for her ... all night long
calling her with his sheep song
in the meadow, near the wheat
ninety-nine fluffy sheep went bleat ...

ninety-nine sheep went on home
one got lost where did she go?
he hurried and scurried all around
until at last his sheep was found

he put it on his shoulders
joyfully he traveled home
he called his friends "REJOICE with me!"
and ninety-nine fluffy sheep went bleat ...
bleat. bleat.
bleat. bleat. bleat. bleat.

{The full story can be found in Luke 15:3-7}

And here's one from my older camera ... I think it's brighter???


Nikki said...

Very fun...Mackenzie is thoroughly enjoying it too:) (Flapping arms)

LBB said...

Very cute! I like it. I like the video. You're right, I had NO idea! :)

shana said...

nice work! what a cute bunch!

MUM said...

What a fun video! We have watched it several times and it always makes us happy! Good job, daughter, on the song writing! I always knew that you had many talents,...just didn't know that song writing was one of them!