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Friday, December 4, 2009

a little backgammon

A couple weeks ago, Jeff and I were thinking of doing something fun ... shocking, I know ;) Anyway, we don't really watch TV ... tennis wasn't an option ... and scrabble ~ I hate to say this ~ but it has lost some of its appeal since I began playing online scrabble. So ... what we were to do??? Dishes and laundry??? Then I remembered ... BACKGAMMON!!! Jeff taught me how to play when we were in Florida last winter and it was pretty fun. Being that it was late at night ... we couldn't run out and buy a backgammon board ... but I figured there would be a printable board online. I googled "printable backgammon board" and came up empty ... perhaps there are copyright restrictions? So ... I decided to make my own. How hard could it be???

I started with a ruler and lots of measuring and then hand-coloring the triangles (to be accurate, they are called points). After coloring about six points, I decided that cutting the triangles from colored paper and pasting them on cardstock would be quicker ... so I cut out twenty-four triangles with my paper cutter. It was faster! Next, I glued them on the cardstock ... but it was curling a bit at the edges. So ... I made it a tad smaller to fit in our copy machine. Then, I made a color copy of the board and finished it off by tucking it in a document laminating page. Ta~da! Lots of fun is in our future now ;)


MUM said...

WOW! Looks really good!!! You could sell those! But, not to me, 'cause I don't play backgammon!

Suzanne said...

Ok...you just moved up into number one position of the most resourceful people I know....and talented!

LBB said...

I don't know how to play backgammon. Maybe you can teach us at Christmas?