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Friday, December 18, 2009

a little ambitious

My two oldest kids are a bit ahead (of government standards) in their schoolwork ... and this doesn't always thrill them. So ... I sometimes have to tell them that it's actually a good thing. They, however, think that since they're ahead ... that perhaps they can take a year off at some point to do important stuff ... like raise ducks and build a shed (which would be their police station). I have explained to my children a few times that it doesn't really matter what "grade" they are in ... or what "grade" is on the front of their textbook ... or if they go through one math book during the school year ... or two. It only matters that they are being challenged and that they are doing their best. So one day ... I was telling the kids that if they continue to be ahead grade-wise ... they could probably start college early (like many other homeschoolers).

Halo and Buddy both responded to this by saying, "I don't want to go to college."

"Okay, that's fine," I said ... "But ... you might change your mind."

Four year-old Foofie was listening in ... and interjected, "I can't wait to go to college!"

She wasn't kidding ...

Yesterday, she was pestering me to get her a cursive book or else print off some cursive sheets online. (As you will see ... her penmanship still needs a little improvement though.) And the day before? She was copying a list of Halo's fifth grade spelling words! An eager student is a joy to her teacher :)

One of the spelling words was breathtaking ... I explained to her that it a word for something amazing ... like a breathtaking view. "No," she disagreed, "that's what they do at the doctor's office. They take your breath."

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gianna said...

he he he! That is so funny!