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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a little sniffing

Today, I was the lucky helper for Buddy's phy. ed. class. They were playing softball/tee-ball with a whiffleball. Would that be whiffleball??? Anyway, the teacher wanted the batting team to be lined up alternating boy-girl. So ... she was inserting boys into the line in between the girls.

When she put Buddy into the line ... the girl behind him grabbed him by the shoulders, kinda gave him a hug, and then she sniffed him.

"You smell like bugspray," she declared.
Then she waited for a reply ...
Buddy didn't respond though.
"I love it!" she said.
"I hate it." Buddy said.
"I love it."
"I hate it."

Kids are funny.

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LBB said...

Cute stories. We're excited about the baby too! :)