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Saturday, April 18, 2009

a little drive

A few times in the past couple days I've asked my husband if he wants me to make him a sandwich or something ... and he has responded with, "Can you make me a burrito?"

Then, late this afternoon, as we were working in the garage ~ going through junk, consolidating, tossing in the trash (hopefully lots) ~ we came across two bags. In case you're wondering ... one had extra pillows and the other held a few small rugs. "If the pillows and the rugs want to go into boxes they could be stacked on the high shelf," I suggested (I know ... strange wording). "I'll ask 'em," said Jeff. "Well ... they said they'll go in boxes if we get burritos for supper." (It was funny at the time ... but it doesn't seem as funny now while I'm typing this.)

So ... guess where we went for supper?

After Chipotle, we went for a little drive.

Buddy's memorable statement from our evening was ... "If we have more kids we're going to have to buy a limosine."

Foofie saw her first convertible of the season ... and perhaps she can't remember ever seeing one before. So, when we pulled to a stop next to a convertible she said, "Look! They don't have a top!"

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