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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a little entrepreneur

Halo started a new business venture today ~ "Helper Halo". As I said, this was a new endeavor as she has had several other entrepreneurial ideas in the past. For example, I think it was last year that she and Buddy collected all of the sticks in our yard ... then tied them in little bundles with colorful yarn ... and attempted (without success) to sell the bundles for 25 cents each. For their "store", they wrapped a few rows of yarn around three small trees in our front yard ... which created a nice triangle shape to work in.

Anyway, her current business is ... raking, walking small dogs, and watering gardens. She made a little flyer ~ which we helped her edit. It was a bit humorous before the editing ... she wrote "I will NOT accomplish work on Saturdays and Sundays! You can call me a few days ahead and I will have a calendar to keep track of jobs. I only work near our street." We pointed out that if someone was going away for the weekend and wanted her watering services ... she would miss out on the job. We also informed her that walking dogs might include gathering up their doo-doo. Anyway, after the flyer was completed, she and Foofie dropped one off with each of our neighbors.

To our amazement, a couple hours later, the gal right across from us came asking for Halo to walk her dog! So ... Halo (and her brother and sister too, of course) walked the little dog up and down our street a couple times. It maybe only lasted five minutes. Jeff said he was watching and the dog wasn't cooperating too well with the new dog walkers. Then, the neighbor lady called to them and said they could bring the dog back home. Halo was so excited and encouraged ~ thank you Mrs. B. :)


Bren said...

How cute and fun!

MUM said...

Halo is definitely a "chip off of the old block"! Sounds like her mother all over again! Remember all the ideas you came up with,entertaining the elderly at the home across the street, running a day care...to mention just a couple. Good for Halo, very enterprising little girl!