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Saturday, August 1, 2015

a little lawn guy

Buddy is excited about lawn mowers.  So G is excited about lawn mowers.  Really excited.  And he is only 2.25 years old!  One of his favorite spots is on the seat of our riding mower.  When we were recently at Costco ... he was the first to notice a lawn mower in someone's trailer ... pointed it out to us and also told us that it had a bagger.  A couple months ago, he asked Daddy to show him how to use the regular mower ... the push mower ... I don't even know what the correct terminology is ... a walk behind?  Of course Daddy said no ... so he pushed it around some anyway!  And as you can see ... he wants to get in on the action {too close to the action usually!} and help out when someone else is mowing.  He even jammed a toy saw into his play mower so he would have something to use as a rip cord ...

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