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Sunday, April 1, 2012

a little wigwam

After being super sick Friday and Saturday with strep ... I was feeling quite a bit better by this afternoon. The amox helped a ton ... but laughter {thanks to Little Guy} helped too :) Oh, and the sunshine was nice as well ...

"You need a haircut, Little Guy," I said.
"I don't want short hair," Little Guy responded immediately. The words flew out of his mouth without a moment of thought.
Long hair already??? At two and five-sixths???

"Where are the big kids?" I asked Daddy and Little Guy {shortly before suppertime}.
"They went to wake up the deers," Little Guy answered with a straight face.
I think he was teasing ... because when I repeated his answer back to him ..."They went to wake up the deers???"
He smirked and said, "No-oh."
He knew they were playing in the woods -- and he had heard something about building a wigwam -- at the back of our field {meadow sounds nicer though, yes?}.

After supper, the kids asked us to come see their incredible wigwam {which they intend to be a hideout to investigate crime}. So ... Jeff and I followed the kids down our road -- we don't like to walk through the meadow because it is sort-of like a marshy field :) -- and turned down the adjoining road ... to get to the back of our lot where the wigwam is situated. All the kids piled in and thankfully ... Daddy has a super smart phone that takes okay pictures :)
After climbing out of the wigwam ... Little Guy asked if we were going to go see the wigwam now. Apparently it didn't live up to his expectations ...

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Dana said...

me my sister and my brother made the wigwam