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Saturday, September 18, 2010

a little "pregnant lady"

Today, during a lovely Saturday afternoon walk, a neighbor darted out of his house and chased me down, bearing a large tomato in each hand. "Oh thanks!" I said appreciatively. "We're getting down to the end here," he said ... by way of explanation for he wasn't offering me eight or ten of the red spheres like he had on other days ... earlier in the summer. "Say ... what's your name?" he asked.

This man lives on the street that my street connects to and I have walked past this man's house dozens ... probably hundreds ... of times and we {and his wife} have exchanged many a pleasantry. I've admired their gardens and they've admired my kids ... but we had never exchanged names.

So ... I said, "Dana. And how about you?" "Dave," he replied, "and Wendy," he added ... pointing towards his house. "Good to know," he continued, "We've always just called you the pregnant lady." "That's funny," I said ... with a laugh and a wave.

As I was continuing on homeward ... now holding a large tomato in each palm ... I laughed again when I realized we had been calling them "the tomato people" ... or "the tomato guy" and "the tomato lady".

So ... is there
anyone that you've made up a name for???


shana said...

kirb makes up names for nearly everyone. sometimes they turn out to be especially funny after you really get to know someone. i'm quite sure i'm also known as "the pregnant lady" to quite a few people who don't know my real name.
funny story!
the other pregnant lady! :)

Bren said...

When we first came to church, we had names for everyone. Not everybody introduces themeselves so there were a few 'singer girls', a 'funny girl', 'Smiley' and more that sometimes come up in conversations with my husband. My husband still has names for all my friends.

Nikki said...

Yep...the "nosy lady next door" She knew I had Caden by calling me and telling me she saw me holding him through our window....ummm nice.