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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a little Hermie {by Halo}

On Monday afternoon, my Mama found a HUGE, HUGE ... I’m talking HUGE, people ... caterpillar! She named it Hermie. It was really neato. It had a light green body with spiky orange, yellow, and blue knobs on it. We only had it for ONE day until it started making its cocoon! This morning, it was already fully encased in the cocoon. How cool! I hope it will be a butterfly ... but Daddy is guessing a moth.
P.S. This is a jumbo-sized peanut butter jar ... 40 ounces I think ~ Dana {Mama}


LBB said...

Oh wow ~ that's crazy & interesting! Great post, Halo! I looked in my butterflies & moths book and it appears to be either a Cecropia moth or a Promethea moth (google those and see what you think!)

Suzanne said...

That's an amazing creature. Shows what an amazing God we have! If I saw a replica of it, I wouldn't believe it was accurate! Wow. PLEASE tell us how it turns out!

Jess said...

Oh my! Oh my goodness! It's a Cecropia moth caterpillar! You guys watch it closely, once it emerges it won't fit in that jar. What a wonderfully amazing thing for you to experience. Wow.