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Sunday, July 12, 2009

a little quoting

Recent quotes from the kiddos ...
you can probably guess who said what :)

"I know that Mommy is your name ... but Dana is your middle name."

to Baby, while rubbing his back ... "You have just the sweeeeetest back I ever saw."

"Did Daddy used to be a sheriff?"

"Do some people smoke cigarettes so they won't have to go to the bathroom?"
(I don't get this one either.)

after passing a poster for a lost cat ... "Maybe I could find missing animals for a living."

"I like your feet." "Why?" I asked. "Because they're cute!"

"I am not afraid of the light, but I am afraid of the dark because things might kill me. A bear might come and eat me up. And I would not like that. And you would not be happy about that either. You would miss me."

after finding a baby bunny at a family picnic at Great~Grandma's ... "That bunny would make a good police dog!"

"If I wasn't in a grade ... like at church or school ... a stranger might think I'm a small adult because I'm so tall."

referring to Little Cutie ... "His nipples are almost in his armpits!"

ANSWERS: F, F, B, B, H, F, F, B, H, H


LBB said...

That last comment had me laughing out loud! Buddy sure has a one-track mind when it comes to being a good little police officer. :)

Kelli said...

Love them! Are you recording them in a journal? I think I remember that your mom used to record your childhood sleep-talking "quotes" :)

Suzanne said...

These are hilarious!!! I think your kids say the funniest things! And they are smart too!