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Friday, June 12, 2009

a little scooter machine

Today, Foofie and I went on a three mile "scooter~walk" ... she scootered and I walked. (Biking has lost a little of its excitement and newness ... now she is into scootering and is asking for her own "Razor".) She actually went a bit farther than three miles because she likes to go a little ways into most driveways that we pass. (Thankfully, she's done with stopping to HOLLAR off every license plate she sees ~ that was last week ~ something she learned from her crime-fighting older siblings.) Foofie, of course, made lots of interesting comments along the way ...

We noticed two birds sitting on one of the branches of an old, dead tree. "They're having a meeting," she said matter-of-factly.

Then, we saw an older kid pop-a-wheelie on his bike ... "He can lift up his bike! He's famous!"

"You're not grown up first. First, you're a baby ... and second, you grow up. It takes lots of days until you grow up to be three or four."

After doing one of the driveways ... "That's a bumpy driveway, Mommy! They must have a bumpy house."

As we neared the pond ... "It smells here. Someone put a smell here. This stinky smell hurts myself ... whoever did it was being bad. It was probably a motorcycle ... they have poison gas."

After the exercise, a snack was in order. I had some sesame Toasteds handy ... which she hasn't liked in the past. Now, however, she was eating them with gusto. I commented about her not liking them recently ... and she said, "Well ... I like them ... now that I'm older." "When do you think you'll like salad?" I asked her. "When I'm older than you ... probably fifty-five ... or ... maybe when I'm nine like Halo."

Then, she asked if we could go two more miles. I told her we didn't have time today. "Can we go eight miles tomorrow? Or ten?" she asked. She's hard-core!

Ready to roll (6/18/09) ... this might be Buddy's best smile ever!

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LBB said...

Foofie is full of insightful tidbits, eh? Must make for some interesting/entertaining walks!