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Thursday, February 12, 2009

a little critter ~ actually two!

When we arrived at the cabin last night, there were two dead little critters on our peanut butter glue trap! Last month, when I first spotted one of them, I thought it was a little mouse ~ but they were probably voles or shrews. They were so tiny that they were both stuck on the same trap. Anyway, we had been sharing our living quarters with them recently ... and it was a bit unnerving ... so we were relieved to have captured the interlopers.

Later on, after lots of unloading and getting settled and readying for bed, Jeff climbed into bed before I did and pretended there was a mouse in the bed! I'm on to his schemes though ... so I didn't fall for it! A couple minutes later, he tried again ... "AAAAhhhh! There's a mouse!" ... kicking his legs and kind of bouncing around. Anyway ...

Tonight, as Foofie was in the middle of her prayers, she said, "And thank you that we don't have a so crappy house with mice in the downstairs." (which is the main floor, as compared to the loft)

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LBB said...

Ew, creepy! Good thing you caught them! You shouldn't have too much longer at the cabin now, right?