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Saturday, September 12, 2015

G makes us laugh

A few G quotes from today ...

You know how we say "plug it in" and "unplug"?  Well G says "plug it in" and "plug it out".  "I'm going to plug it out again!" he said.

I was reading a Berenstein Bears book titled Down on the Farm ... and near the end the question is  asked whether farming is hard or fun.  "It's hard!"  G replied.  In the book, the answer actually turns out to be both ... "farming is hard fun".  "Is it fun?"  I asked.  "No.  It's hard!"  He might be right :)

H was going on a bike ride to pick up a chicken from Kowalski's and offered to bring G along.  So ... she asked G if he wanted to go for a bike ride.  "Are we going to Cup N Cone?"  he asked.  H said no so G said he didn't want to go.

We had a large kettle with a thicky layer of burnt chunky chili stuck in the bottom.  Yum!  Since it's summer ... I decided to take and hose it out in the yard.  As I was scraping it ... G was watching intently.  After a short while he said, "I wanna do that willy bad.  Please Mommy???"  So I let him have a turn scraping the gunk out :)

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