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Saturday, December 22, 2012

more ezzie-isms

We were going swimming at a pool ...
"Are there sharks in it?"
"Are there hippopotamuses in there?"
"What's in there?"
Just water.
"Just water?  There's no animals in it???"

I was honey-ing Ezzie's sandwich with swirls and such and he said, "It's like letters, Mommy!  It says ... Ezzie, I love you!"
That's right, Little Honey :)

While praying ... I asked Ezzie if there is anything he wants to thank God for ...

"Yes," he said, "Thanks for mooses, deer antlers, and bears ... PANDA bears."

Little Dude handed me a "list" he made ...

"Here's my list, Mommy!  It says ... play ... shower ... go to bed.  But I don't write with letters ... just bumps."

"Do dolphins have meat?"
"Do bears eat dolphins?"
"I don't think so ... I don't think they can catch them ... but maybe they would eat dolphins if they had a chance."
"Would they eat the eyes?"

And a little Foof story from this morning as well ...

After Daddy left the house on a "top secret mission" ... Foofie said to me, "I think he's getting us a puppy dog or a prairie dog."
I laughed ...
"Well ... it might be some kind of animal," she stated.
"No way," I answered.

Then she went off to her older sister and brother and told them it wasn't a puppy dog or a prairie dog.  They asked her how she knew and she said, "I asked Mommy and she said 'ha. ha. ha.'"

Daddy returned home ... and Foofie tried to get information out of him.  Then I said,
"Maybe he's just teasing us.  Or maybe he was buying something for me.  Or maybe he was buying one of those top secret things from a craigslist ad," I continued.
"I doubt it.  I am spectacle about that," Foofie said.
After we had a good laugh ... we told Foofie that she meant skeptical -- not spectacle :)

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