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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a little endearing

Little Sweetie's favorite Christmas song :)

Yesterday, I said to him, "You're just like a stick of butter!" {Yes, I'm full of funny endearments.} "I'm a robot," he replied. Then, he changed his voice into a mechanical sound and repeated, "I'm ... a ... ro ... bot."

"You're sweet as a caramel." I told him next. "A big caramel," Little Sweetie agreed. "A big BIG one!"

Shortly after ... "You're such a good potty trainer!" I encouraged him. "I'm like a snowflake," he responded ... while flailing his arms and legs about.

Later ... Ezzie was busy coloring ... "Look, Mommy! I'm making a star ... it's a horse-y ... or a hat." He paused briefly to color a little more on his doodle. "It's a mouse, Mommy! It's an airplane going zoom!" Another pause to add to his picture. "See my ... ... ... phingy, Mommy???" Yep, it's definitely a phingy (thing-y)!

I love two-and-a-half :)

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MUM said...

How sweet is that? I think he's ready for the kid's choir! He has a lot more enthusiasm than some of the children in the children's choir! He is a cutie!!!!!