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Friday, April 22, 2011

a little St. John

I just want to take a few sentences to RAVE about an author I've recently discovered. Some of you have already heard this from me -- but this is for the rest of you so that no one misses out :)

Lots of books are good ... and lots of books are entertaining ... but only a few books seem to stick with us for very long. Know what I mean??? On Wednesday night, I was at the church library talking with a few ladies ... and raving about Star of Light, Treasures of the Snow, and The Runaway ... and a gal who was nearby said she loved Treasures of the Snow too. Her third grade teacher had read it to her class. She fondly recalled this about twenty-five years later. See what I'm saying???

Oh, I still haven't said who the author is :) Her name is Patricia St. John. She was a missionary -- and an author too, of course -- and she died in 1992. Some of her books have since been revised -- and I don't know if they are as good as the originals. The three books I read were all older copies. The plot and character development is excellent ... my mother started one of the books and she didn't even realize it was a book for children. {I think the age on the back says 10-12} Read them by yourself ... or out loud to your kids ... or both :) I won't tell you what makes them so wonderful ... you'll have to read them yourself to find out ;)

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MUM said...

I really enjoyed the book "Treasures of the Snow"! It contains many wonderful life lessons about responsibility, rejection, acceptance, forgiveness,hate and love. But, most of all about how the love of Jesus triumphs over all when we "open the door of our hearts" to HIM.