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Saturday, January 29, 2011

a little snowflake

I don't really love winter. I could probably get along just fine in the South ;) But I'm here ... in this cold, snowy land ... so I was pondering, albeit briefly, what is good about winter. Here's what I came up with ...
1. no yardwork -- unless you count shoveling
2. you can make your own parking space -- if there's room
3. cute hats to conceal crazy hair -- and we've definitely got some crazy hair!
4. snowflakes -- aren't they fascinating???
This here snowflake landed on Little Blondie's coat while he was in the Target shopping cart. "Look," Buddy exclaimed ... "It's just like the ones you make!" {I enjoy making paper snowflakes with the kids.}
Of course sledding and other outdoor activities are fun too ... provided it is relatively warm outside -- like 30 degrees at least for this wimpy mama. Okay ... maybe 28.

What do you find redeeming about winter???


Houseofmills said...

Thanks..I need a list. I so HATE winter, but need to look at the positive side. Maybe that will help? hahaha

MUM said...

That is a beautiful snowflake,...God is sooo creative!
One thing about winter is that you can get more things done inside of your home than you can in the summertime. In summer, I want to be outside as much as I can,...not so much in the winter. I'm hoping to get the basement uncluttered and made into a place for the grandchildren to have fun together.

LBB said...

Pretty snowflake! I've noticed a lot of beautiful snowflakes this winter in particular for some reason...perhaps because the snowfalls have often been very light and fluffy.
Redeeming: wearing cozy sweaters & tall boots, more time inside knitting, and a reason to drink hot cocoa!