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Thursday, April 29, 2010

a little stroller

In our family, every baby ~ except for Halo ~ gets to ride in the doll stroller. We didn't own a doll stroller until Halo was two and there were no older siblings wanting to stroll her around ... so back then, it was just for the dolls. Anyway, today was Little Dude's turn!

Do you think he liked it???
I might have stopped fussing ... but I'm still not happy about this.Well ... Foofie liked it ... and maybe next time Little Dude will too ;)

Baby was happier crawling around in the grass ...finding rocks, twigs, and dandelions ...and pondering big things ~ like Daddy's truck! Isn't spring wonderful???


MUM said...

Spring is indeed wonderful! What a cute little guy! Foofie's cute, too!

LBB said...

Ha ha...those pics of Foofie and LD in the stroller are hilarious! Great photos!

Janna said...

we have that same stroller!