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Saturday, January 16, 2010

a little chunk o' honey

I purchased two bags of Bit O' Honey this afternoon. When we got in the car, I opened one of the packages and gave Buddy and Foofie each a candy. (Halo wasn't with us.)
A few moments later ...

"I'm done with those forever," Foofie proclaimed from her seat.
"Done with what?" I asked.
"With those big chunks of honey. They're like uuummmmmpuh."
I chuckled.
"But, I might give 'em to my kids," she continued.
"You don't even have any kids!" Buddy blurted.
"Well ... I'm gonna have kids when I get big!" Foofie countered confidently.
"Well ... then you're going to have to get married," Buddy reminded her.
"Well, I like getting married and I'm going to get married ... and get rings."
"It's a ring ... not ringsss," Buddy interjected.
"Anyway, I like rings ... and a dress ... and something else, whatever it is," Foofie finished.
"A house?" guessed Buddy.
"NO!" Foofie nearly shouted.
(Maybe it rhymes with house ...)

Shortly after this exchange ...
"Actually, I might eat one or two or three chunks of honey ... sometime," Foofie recanted.
Oh my ... it's so hard to make up one's mind ;)


LBB said...

I'd forgotten all about bit o' honey! I used to love it, I think. Is it still good???

Dana said...

I think so :)